Global Education Units

I’ve attached a link to Unit 1: What is Globalization? that opens my Global Studies class. This is a “working” unit plan as there are my day to day notes and specific dates for part 3 of the unit. I had to work in time to integrate a special performance of The Nile Project. Dartmouth College scheduled a performance of the Nile Project at their Hopkins Center for the Arts in April 2015 and through the HOP’s Outreach Program, the performers came to our school, played some fantastic music, and engaged in a Q&A session with my Global Studies class. Because of this one time opportunity, I also built in a short research project where students researched the countries bordering the Nile River.

UBD Plan: What is globalization?

This unit plan focuses on poverty in India and the United States and will be a part of my new 12 week Global Studies class about India. Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo and A Path Appears by Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn are featured in the unit.  The opening lesson plan of the unit is also provided.

UBD Poverty Unit India & the US

UBD Poverty Unit Opening Lesson Plan

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