Orford, NH to India!

India flight photo


After the cancellation of the Uganda Field Experience  I asked to join the India Field Experience. The dates for the rescheduled Uganda trip didn’t work for me so I’m very excited to be a part of the India cohort.

I am thrilled to be taking a new road, or a few long flights, to India as part of Teachers for Global Classrooms.  Twelve teachers and I will spend the first 3 weeks in June on an international field experience where we work with Indian teachers, administrators, and students on building global connections.

Flight 1: Boston to Dulles to meet up with my fellow India TGC travelers.

Flight 2: Dulles to Frankfurt

Flight 3: Frankfurt to Bengaluru

We will spend a few days acclimating and working with Maya Menon and her associates at the Teacher Foundation in Bengaluru.

Flight 4: Bengaluru to Kolkata

In Kolkata, my TGC partner, Kim, and I will spend a week at the Shri Shikshayatan School with Tanusree Ghosh, our host social studies teacher. Shir Shikshayatan School is a private 7-12 girls school located one block east of the park home to the Victoria Memorial.

Flight 5: Kolkata to New Delhi

The India team will regroup and reflect in New Delhi for a few days before heading back to the United States. My colleagues are assigned to schools all over India so it should be fascinating to hear about their experiences in different parts of the country.

Flight 6: New Delhi to Frankfurt

Flight 7: Frankfurt to Dulles

Flight 8: Dulles to Boston

8 flights, 20 days, 3 Indian cities, and countless new people and ideas – what an adventure!


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