Global Education Assessment Tools Inventory

At Rivendell Academy, World Language and Social Studies teachers will be working with three tools that facilitate assessment of student work in global education.

The first tool is The Asia Society’s Matrices of Global Competence. These standards are applicable in all content areas and provide teachers more specific language that goes beyond state standards with which to design global education lessons and units.

The second useful tool for assessing global education is the Global Education Checklist for Teachers, Schools, School Systems and State Education Agencies. This useful checklist is a practical tool for all educators who want to expand and reflect on their level of integrating global education into their classrooms and schools.

The third tool is Oxfam Education for Global Citizenship – A Guide for Schools. This excellent guide provides rationale for why global education is so significant for 21st century learners and clearly outlines key knowledge and understandings, skills, and values & attitudes that help students develop global competencies.

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